Our Story

Pony Tracks Leather began when Crae Campbell was eleven years old.  He had been working in his dad’s leather shop building knife sheaths for friends and relatives when he finally asked his father if he would teach him to tool leather.  Those first rudimentary pieces were a start.

Within a year, Crae had developed a talent at tooling that began to catch the eye of many in the business, including customers.  With advice from guys like Randy Severe and Joe Meling under his belt, he continued to work on his tooling while beginning to draw his own patterns.  After receiving a Christmas gift in the form of Cary Schwarz videos on pattern design, Crae began to create his own style.

Add that to time spent with saddle making great, Pedro Pedrini, Crae began to hone his craft into an art.  Nearly every piece he does is a complete original, from belts to briefcases to rope cans to knife sheaths.  His clientele has picked up to the point of creating pieces for customers all over the country—coast to coast, and from the Medicine Line to Texas. 

Pony Tracks Leather continues to grow into a business that combines art with function.  Whether his customer is ordering a pair of chaps or a pair of spur straps, Crae Campbell will make sure that the item is done with quality and with that artistic signature for which he has become known.

Our Gallery


A special sheath for a special client, project with their appreciation letter!


This is art, by an artist, the work Crae does shows true talent and skill

Jack CClient
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